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Sidonia’s Thread: Crafting a Life from Holocaust to High Fashion is an original exhibition developed and designed by Eastern Connecticut State University.

The exhibition presents Sidonia Perlstein’s personal history in the form of thirty-five handmade garment ensembles, created primarily for her daughter and granddaughter.

The garments are accompanied by narrative text, family photographs, and audio and video vignettes to offer a fuller visual and historical portrait of this fascinating figure.

Included are women’s chic daytime and evening designs, tailored business suits, and informal leisure wear, all enhanced by accessories such as necklaces, shirts, or shawls to complement the color, pattern, and design of each garment.

Audio Vignette

More than just a collection of garments, documents, and artifacts, Sidonia’s Thread: Crafting a Life from Holocaust to High Fashion comes to life through eight audio recordings, narrated by her daughter Hanna.  Enjoy a sample of the exhibition audio.


The Exhibition is available for rental in two formats…

  • The Full Collection, which includes all 35 ensembles
  • The Downsized Collection, that includes 17 ensembles chosen by the renter from the full exhibition catalogue.


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Covid-19 Update: Due to the current pandemic protocols and restrictions, we are currently accepting rental inquiries for the Fall of 2021. All rentals will be dependent on the recommended guidelines at the time.

Inventory - Full
  • 35 Garment Ensembles – each garment can be viewed in the Exhibition Catalogue
  • 1 Large map, Sidonia’s Long Journey (81” x 95”)
  • Large linoleum poster of various photos and descriptions
  • 4 Vinyl posters & stands, with interpretive text & titles: Who was Sidonia?; Impact of WWII and the Holocaust; Sidonia’s Life as an Immigrant; and Sidonia’s Style (each 2’ x 8’)
  • 35 Garment descriptions in PDF format
  • 11 Aluminum pedestal stands for garment descriptions (13” wide x 46” high)
  • 1 Poster of Sidonia (21” x 22”)
  • 1 Poster “Ship to Freedom” (9” x 11”)
  • 1 Poster (enlarged photo) of Di Grine of Springfield (7.5” x 11”)
  • 3 Posters : Springfield Holocaust Survivors, Untitled re: Post WWII Jewish Immigrants, Untitled re: Values of Immigrants (all 12” x 18”)
  • 1 Poster, William Heimrich, 1991:Quote, The Story of the Survivors (9.75” x 25.75”)
  • 1 Poster (enlarged photo), Hanna Marcus in magenta plaid tunic jacket and black skirt (8.25” x 12.5”)
  • 1 Poster (enlarged photo), Hanna Marcus in 1960 wearing “the debut” dress and description card (10” x 18.25”)
  • 1 Poster, “Tweed Inspired Fashion Through the Decades” (25.5″ x 29″)
  • Fashion accessories – scarves, shirts, jewelry, and shawls to accompany garments
  • 4 Audio players and 8 QR Codes for 8 audio vignettes
Inventory - Downsized
  • 17 Garment ensembles chosen by renter from the Exhibition Catalogue
  • 6 Aluminum pedestal stands for descriptions
  • All other items will be the same as the full exhibition inventory
Supporting Materials
  • Garment Information for Creation of Signage
  • Inventory system for all garments, accessories, and other exhibition items
  • Directions for use of audio players and QR Codes
  • Print version of Exhibition Catalogue available on request for retail sale
  • Installation Manual
  • Educators’s Guide in PDF format
  • Toolkit including logo, sample press release and advertisements, and rights-free images
  • 1 Flash Drive of video presentation by Sidonia’s daughter, Hanna Perlstein Marcus (43 minutes)
Rental Information
  • For questions or discussion regarding the rental fee, please inquire at
  • Standard Rental Length: 3-month rental (Rental may be extended upon negotiation)
  • Shipping cost: Host venues are responsible for shipping round-trip or one- way, depending on bookings and schedule.
  • The Eastern Connecticut State University Foundation will use donations solely for the purpose of sustaining the Sidonia’s Thread: Crafting a Life from Holocaust to High Fashion, and providing scholarships for design students in the Theatre Program
Insurance & Installation Requirements
  • Eastern Connecticut State University (ECSU) requires the submission of a facility report to verify all required rental criteria.
  • The exhibition must be in a monitored, secure space.
  • The exhibition must be displayed in a space with no exposure to natural light.
  • The renting organization must provide proof of insurance in the amount of $50,000.  For further questions or discussion regarding insurance, inquire at
  • The renting organization must provide mannequins for garment ensembles*.
  • The staff handling the textile ensembles and mannequin set-up must prove expertise in this area, or the renting organization may hire a professional with textile experience, or arrange to bring the exhibition curator or other ECSU staff or consultants to the renting venue for installation and dismantling.
  • Staff and consultants of ECSU are available for lectures, presentations, and training at an additional cost.
  • The recommended space for the full-size exhibit is 800 square feet and 500 square feet for the downsized exhibition.

*A small number of mannequins may be available for an additional donation (negotiable).

Contact & Loaner Information

Loaner Information

The Sidonia’s Thread – Crafting a Life from Holocaust to High Fashion Exhibition
Eastern Connecticut State University
Performing Arts Department
83 Windham St., Willimantic, CT 06338

Contact Information

Anya Sokolovskaya, Associate Professor of Theatre/Costume Design