Educator Resources

An Educators’ Guide

A comprehensive Educators’ Guide is available at no cost for high school and college educators to use in their classrooms in tandem with “Sidonia’s Thread: Crafting a Life from Holocaust to High Fashion.”

The Educators’ Guide offers narrative, background, essential questions, and activities for students that target five main areas:

  1. How can an ordinary person, under certain circumstances, lead an extraordinary life?
  2. What was the plight of Hungarian Jews during the Holocaust?
  3. What were the lives of immigrants like in the last half of the twentieth century?
  4. What is the relationship between creative design, dressmaking, and textiles and the Holocaust and its aftermath?
  5. What are some nontraditional methods of remembering those who have had a meaningful impact on our lives today?

The Educators’ Guide is available for download as a single complete guide, or in individual sections.  Please choose whichever version you would like.