The Sidonia’s Thread Exhibition is a richly rewarding experience and a historical treasure.
Our galleries display what makes this exhibition so distinctive.


Documents & Photographs

Past Exhibitions

The Garments

The garments shown here represent only a sampling of the full exhibition

Two-Piece Skirt Suit

Light grey wool gabardine double-breasted collarless jacket with contoured waist is enhanced by set pearl buttons.
circa 1987

Three-Piece Ensemble

Indonesian block print on madras and navy-blue cotton sleeveless top, skirt and jacket enhanced by a set of gold buttons.
circa 1989

Spring Ensemble with Jacket, Culottes and Top

Jacket and culottes with inset seam pockets use light brown wool windowpane check

Accessorized by a mustard-colored linen top
circa 1995

Spring Two-Piece Suit

Spring floral-patterned cotton jacket and skirt is the last complete garment made when Sidonia was 90 years old

Accessorized by a lemon-yellow polyester top
circa 2003

Summer Short Sleeve Jacket and Skirt Ensemble

Lightweight paisley challis features antique gold buttons
circa 1995

Two-Piece Ensemble

Magenta glen plaid wool tweed collarless jacket complemented by black wool skirt
circa 1997

Two-Piece Ensemble with Double-Breasted Jacket

Scottish-plaid wool flannel jacket and black wool skirt
circa 1990

Two-Piece Ensemble with Double-Breasted Jacket

Blue, red and green plaid wool twill jacket and red wool flannel straight skirt with asymmetrical double pleat
circa 1995

Two-Piece Skirt Suit with Double-Breasted Jacket

Purple over check twill wool tweed offset with gold buttons
circa 2000

Three-Piece Ensemble: Jacket, Vest and Skirt

Red and black wool crepe exhibit gold/black buttons
circa 1997

Two-Piece Pants Suit

Novelty weave wool with charcoal grey buttons
circa 1986

Two-Piece Skirt Suit with Double-Breasted Jacket

Warm red cotton jacket complemented by gold buttons
circa 1998

Ensemble – Jacket and Skirt

Combination of black and white wool houndstooth and black wool felt
circa 1986

Skirt and Top Ensemble

Black rayon with multicolored circle pattern top complements an off-white ribbed cotton skirt
circa 1997


Historical Documents
& Photographs

Audio Vignette

More than just a collection of garments, documents, and artifacts, the Sidonia’s Thread Exhibition comes to life through eight audio recordings, narrated by her daughter Hanna.  Enjoy a sample of the exhibition audio.

The Original Exhibition