Sidonia’s Thread

Crafting a Life From Holocaust to High Fashion

Bergen Belson DP Camp, 1949

A young Hungarian woman finds herself totally alone after the Holocaust, the only survivor from her large family.

With her toddler in tow, she makes her way to America.

This is the visual story of Sidonia Perlstein, that young Hungarian woman.

About the Exhibition

How did a single immigrant mother survive on her own in America?  Through her wits, her imagination, and above all, her hands.  See the creative legacy of Sidonia Perlstein, Holocaust survivor, mother, and master of needle work!

Audio Vignette

More than just a collection of garments, documents, and artifacts, the Sidonia’s Thread Exhibition comes to life through eight audio recordings, narrated by her daughter Hanna.  Enjoy a sample of the exhibition audio.

“…textiles have the ability to give… a window into the mind of people and cultures, past or present.”

-The Woven Road Blog:  Why Textile History Matters


Experience a Visual Sampling of the Sidonia’s Thread Exhibition – An Incredible Post-Holocaust Story!

The Garments

Photos & Documents

The Original Exhibition

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